The 16th Workshop on General Relativity and Gravitation

                27th November(Mon) --- 1st December(Fri)
    Niigata Prefectural Civic Center (Niigata Kenmin Kaikan), Niigata

                    Second Circular (17 Aug. 2006)

Dear Colleague,

We are pleased to announce that the 16th Workshop on General Relativity
and Gravitation (JGRG16) will be held in Niigata. This is one of a
series of workshops held in Japan every year since 1991, which has
provided a place where people can exchange ideas and pursue future
trends of research. The workshop will cover a wide area of research
related to general relativity. A tentative list of invited speakers is
given below.

For domestic participants there may be some support for the domestic
travel and accomodation in Tokyo. There is no finantial support for
participants from abroad (except for invited speakers).

Registration is open now. Please register through our web site at


Those who request finantial support need to register before 6 Oct.
2006. The deadline for registration of a presentation is also 6 Oct.
2006. Please complete registration by 10 Nov. 2006, if you don't plan
to give a presentation.

Important information can be found at our web site. For participants
from abroad, we can support for making a hotel reservation in Niigata
during the workshop. Please contact us if you need.

Tentative list of invited speakers:

 Paolo Creminelli (ICTP)
 Eanna Flanagan (Cornell U.)
 Chris Fryer(Los Alamos)
 Nobuyuki Kawai (Titech)
 Richard Manchester(ATNF)
 Yasushi Mino
 David Merritt (Rochester)
 Ryoichi Nishi (Niigata U.)
 Norio Tamura (Niigata U.)


 H.Asada, T.Chiba, A.Hosoya, K.Ioka, H.Ishihara, M.Kawasaki, H.Kodama,
 Y.Kojima, K.Maeda, S.Mukoyama, T.Nakamura, K.Nakao, Y.Nambu,
 M.Sasaki, M.Shibata, T.Shiromizu, J.Soda, N.Sugiyama, S.Yamada,
 T.Tanaka, J.Yokoyama, R.Nishi, K.Watanabe, K.Oohara

Inquiries to:

  Ken-ichi Oohara
  Department of Physics
  Niigata University
  2-8050 Ikarasi, Niigata 950--2181, Japan
  Phone: +81-25-262-6162, Fax: +81-264-2282
  Email: jgrg16@astro.sc.niigata-u.ac.jp