Information for Participants


The registration desk is open from 13:00 to 17:00 on Monday. On the other four days the registration desk is open during the morning coffee break and the lunch time.
No registration fee is required.

Oral Presentation:

A liquid crystal display (LCD) projector and an overhead projector (OHP) will be available. We suggest you to prepare transparency sheets for the OHP in case we have trouble on the LCD projector. Please do not use LCD projector for short oral presentation of posters.

Poster Presentation:

The size of the poster board is 180cm(hight) x 100(width)cm. We assign 3 minutes short oral presentation for all posters. Please check the programme and prepare hard copies or OHP viewgraphs.


Deadline: January 19, 2007

Conference Dinner:

The Conference dinner will be held on Thursday November 30 from 19:00 at Niigata Toei Hotel. Please check it in the registration form and pay the fee at reception desk of the workshop after your arrival. The fee is ¥4,500 for students and ¥5,500 for faculty members.
Free buses to Niigata Toei Hotel will depart at 18:15 on Nov. 30 from a rotary in front of the Civic Center.
If you don't take the bus, please check the location of the hotel by the map.


Wireless LAN connected to the internet is available on 2nd floor in the Civic Center.

Whether in Niigata:

It is transition period from fall to winter late in November. Niigata is famous for a heavy snow, but it is not so heavy even in midwinter in the City of Niigata. It is usually rare to snow in November and early in December. However, we have occasionally shower and wind in this season.
The average temperature in this period is: Low = 4°C(39°F), High = 11°C(52°F), Mean = 8°C(46°F), which is about 3°C(5°F) lower than in Tokyo. You had better bring a jacket, because sometimes it is chilly in the mornings and evenings.

Other informations:

You can find other informations at: