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Invited talk (A01-A10) 40 min + 10 min discussion
Long oral presentation (B01-B04) 25 min + 5 min discussion
Oral presentation (C01-C43) 15 min + 5 min discussion
Short Oral presentation of Poster (P01-P14, Q01-Q12) 3 min


Oral Presentation

27 Nov (Mon)
Chair: Misao Sasaki (YITP)
14:00 - 14:50
(A01) Eanna Flanagan (Cornell Univ.)
Theoretical explanations for the accelerating Universe
14:50 - 15:40
(A02) J. Richard Bond (CITA)
Constraining Inflation Histories with the CMB and Large Scale Structure
15:40 - 16:10   Break
Chair: Hideki Ishihara (Osaka City Univ.)
16:10 - 17:30
(C01) Masumi Kasai (Hirosaki Univ.)
Post-Friedmannian effects of inhomogeneities in observational cosmology
(C02) Tomohiro Kai (Osaka City Univ.)
Can inhomogeneities accelerate the cosmic volume expansion ?
(C03) Shinji Mukohyama (Univ. of Tokyo)
Higgs phase of gravity
(C04) Tom Auld and Michael Bridges (Univ. of Cambridge)
Accelerated Cosmological Parameter Estimation
17:30 - 18:12
Short oral presentation of posters (P01 - P14)

28 Nov (Tue)
Chair: Kei-ichi Maeda (Waseda Univ.)
9:15 - 10:05
(A03) Paolo Creminelli (ICTP)
Starting the Universe: Stable Violation of the Null Energy Condition and Non-standard Cosmologies
10:05 - 10:55
(A04) Norio Tamura (Niigata Univ.)
Current Status of Neutrino Oscillations
10:55 - 11:20   Break
Chair: Jiro Soda (Kyoto Univ.)
11:20 - 12:20
(C05) Kazuhide Ichikawa (ICRR, Univ. of Tokyo)
Neutrino mass constraints from WMAP and SDSS
(C06) Bo Feng (RESCEU)
Spontaneous Baryogenesis, CPT violations and the observational imprints
(C07) Masahide Yamaguchi (Aoyama Gakuin Univ.)
Time variation of fundamental constants with runaway dilaton
12:20 - 12:56
Short oral presentation of posters (Q01 - Q12)
12:56 - 13:50   Lunch
Chair: Takahiro Tanaka (Kyoto Univ.)
13:50 - 14:40
(A05) Valery Rubakov (Russian Academy of Science)
Brane world as theoretical laboratory
14:40 - 15:50
(C08) Ken Matsuno (Osaka City Univ.)
Masses of Kaluza-Klein Black Holes
(C09) Masashi Kimura (Osaka City Univ.)
Kaluza-Klein Multi-Black Holes
(B01) Shinya Tomizawa (Osaka City Univ.)
Coalescing Black Holes on Eguchi Hanson Space
15:50 - 16:50   Break and Poster
Chair: Shinji Mukohyama (Univ. of Tokyo)
16:50 - 18:10
(C10) Tatsuhiko Koike (Keio Univ.)
Homogeneous and cohomogeneity-one objects in five-dimensional anti-de-Sitter spacetime
(C11) Yuko Urakawa (Waseda Univ.)
Higher order quantum correction to the cosmological perturbations
(C12) Kouji Nakamura (SOKENDAI/NOAJ)
Second order gauge invariant cosmological perturbation theory: --- Einstein equations in terms of gauge invariant variables ---
(C13) Yoshiharu Tanaka (YITP)
Non-linear cosmological perturbations on large scales

29 Nov (Wed)
Chair: Ken-ichi Oohara(Niigata Univ.)
9:15 - 10:05
(A06) Chris Fryer (LANL/Univ. of Arizona)
The Mechanisms behind Supernovae and Long-Duration Gamma-Ray Bursts
10:05 - 10:55
(A07) Nobuyuki Kawai (TITech)
Current Topics on the Gamma-Ray Burst Observations
10:55 - 11:20   Break
Chair: Kunihito Ioka (Kyoto Univ.)
11:20 - 13:10
(B02) Kenji Toma (Kyoto Univ.)
Low-luminosity GRB 060218: A Collapsar Jet from a Neutron Star ?
(C14) Kentaro Takami (Hiroshima Univ.)
Probing the Jet Structure of Gamma-Ray Bursts with Steep Decay Phase of their Early X-ray Afterglows
(C15) Ken'ichiro Nakazato (Waseda Univ.)
Neutrino Emission from Stellar Core Collapse and Black Hole Formation
(C16) Motoyuki Saijo (Univ. of Southampton)
Secular bar mode instability in rotating relativistic stars
(C17) Eiji Mitsuda (Nagoya Univ.)
Self-similar homogeneous collapse of a perfect fluid and new critical phenomena
13:10 - 14:00   Lunch
Chair: Ken-ichi Nakao (Osaka City Univ.)
14:00 - 15:50
(B03) Hideaki Kudoh (UCSB)
Doubly Spinning Black Rings and Beyond
(C18) Takashi Mishima (Nihon Univ.)
Superposition of five-dimensional black rings and black holes
(C19) Keiju Murata (Kyoto Univ.)
(2+1)-dimensional black string
(C20) Norihiro Tanahashi (Kyoto Univ.)
Time-symmetric initial data of brane-localized black hole in RS-II model
(C21) Nobuyuki Sakai (Yamagata Univ.)
Gravitating Q-balls
15:50 - 16:50   Break and Poster
Chair: Tetsuya Shiromizu (TITech)
16:50 - 18:10
(C22) Stefano Ansoldi (Univ. of Trieste)
Bubbles and Quantum Tunnelling in Inflationary Cosmology
(C23) Kazuharu Bamba (YITP)
Large-scale magnetic fields from inflation
(C24) Hidenori Nomura (Hiroshima Univ.)
Classical and quantum radiation from a moving charge in the expanding universe
(C25) Hideki Maeda (Waseda Univ.)
Matter without matter: pure gravitational creation

30 Nov (Thu)
Chair: Hideo Kodama (YITP)
9:15 - 10:05
(A08) Shoichi Yamada (Waseda Univ.)
Recent Issues in Core-collapse Supernovae
10:05 - 10:55
(A09) Ryoichi Nishi (Niigata Univ.)
Formation process of first generation luminous objects and their observational possibility
10:55 - 11:20   Break
Chair: Hideki Asada (Hirosaki Univ.)
11:20 - 12:50
(C26) Yudai Suwa (Univ. of Tokyo)
Gravitational Wave Background from Population III Stars
(B04) Tatsunori Imai (Hirosaki Univ.)
Periodic gravitational waves from a 3-body system
(C27) Wataru Hikida (Osaka Univ.)
An efficient method for the computation of gravitational wave snapshots of generic extreme mass ratio inspirals
(C28) Atsushi Nishizawa (Kyoto Univ.)
Displacement noise-free gravitational-wave detection
12:50 - 13:50   Lunch
Chair: Yasufumi Kojima (Hiroshima Univ.)
13:50 - 14:40
(A10) Richard Manchester (Australia Telescope National Facility, CSIRO)
Pulsars as Gravitational Probes
14:40 - 15:40
(C29) Ryuichi Fujita (Osaka Univ.)
Gravitational waves from a particle in bound geodesic orbits around a Kerr black hole
(C30) Kunihito Ioka (Kyoto Univ.)
Second-Order Quasi-Normal Mode of the Schwarzschild Black Hole
(C31) Satoshi Okuzumi (Kyoto Univ.)
Quasinormal ringing of acoustic black holes
15:40 - 16:40   Break and Poster
Chair: Takeshi Chiba (Nihon Univ.)
16:40 - 17:40
(C32) Tomohiro Harada (Rikkyo Univ.)
Non-existence of self-similar black hole in a universe with a scalar field or quintessence
(C33) Daisuke Ida (Gakushuin Univ.)
Topology Change of Black Holes
(C34) Hiromi Saida (Daido Institute of Technology)
Non-equilibrium Phenomena in Black Hole Evaporation
19:00 -   Party

1 Dec (Fri)
Chair: Yasusada Nambu (Nagoya Univ.)
9:15 - 10:55
(C35) Jiro Soda (Kyoto Univ.)
Impact of Lorentz Violation on Cosmology
(C36) Shunichiro Kinoshita (Univ. of Tokyo)
Stability of a de Sitter brane in a six-dimensional braneworld
(C37) Shuntaro Mizuno (RESCEU)
Inflaton perturbations in brane-world cosmology with induced gravity
(C38) Tsutomu Kobayashi (TITech)
Scalar cosmological perturbations in the Gauss-Bonnet braneworld
(C39) Yuichi Takamizu (Waseda Univ.)
Fermions on Colliding Branes
10:55 - 11:25   Break
Chair: Kazuya Watanabe (Niigata Univ.)
11:25 - 12:45
(C40) Masaru Siino (TITech)
Algebraic Quantum Gravity
(C41) Osamu Seto (Univ. of Sussex)
Time dependent solutions in six dimensional supergravity
(C42) Yukinori Sasagawa (Waseda Univ.)
Black Hole Solutions in Supergravity with String Corrections
(C43) Makoto Narita (National Taiwan Univ.)
Global properties of some homogeneous spacetimes in the Einstein-Yang-Mills-dilaton system


Poster Presentation

  • Poster boards are prepared in an exhibition area on the 1st floor of Niigata Prefectural Civic Center. Note that the exhibition area is open to public.
  • Poster can be displayed at 12:00 on 27 November or later.
    The size of the poster ought to be within 180cm(height) x 100(width)cm.
  • The exhibition area for the poster session is open at 9:00 am and close at 18:00 pm.
  • We allot 3 minutes short oral presentation for (P01-P16) posters on 27th November and (Q01)-(Q13) on 28th November. Please check the program and prepare OHP viewgraphs. The PC projector cannot be used for short oral presentation of posters.
  • The poster session will be closed on 30th of November.
    Posters should be took off by 10:000 on 1st December.
(P01) Kiyotomo Ichiki (Univ. of Tokyo)
Cosmological Constraints on Generalized Dark Energy Models
(P02) Shuichiro Yokoyama (Kyoto Univ.)
Analysis of the evolution of curvature perturbations in preheating by using $\delta N$ formalism
(P03) Ryuichi Takahashi (NAOJ)
Weak lensing of galaxy clusters in relativistic MOND theory
(P04) Chul-Moon Yoo (Osaka City Univ.)
Gravitational lensing effects on Type Ia supernovae
(P05) Kenta Kiuchi (Waseda Univ.)
Chaotic motion of Spinning particle in Black hole space time
(P06) Hiroko Koyama (Waseda Univ.)
1/f fluctuations in spinning-particle motions near a Schwarzschild black hole
(P07) Takamasa Chiba (Hirosaki Univ.)
3-body problem in GR
(P08) Hiroyuki Nakano (Univ. of Texas at Brownsville)
Regular 2nd order perturbations of extreme mass ratio binaries
(P09) Ken-ichi Nakao (Osaka City Univ.)
Relativistic Gravitational Collapse of Cylindrical Dust
(P10) Masaaki Takahashi (Aichi Univ. of Education)
``Black Hole Aurora'' in a Black Hole Magnetosphere
(P11) Shijun Yoshida (Waseda Univ.)
Equilibrium configurations of magnetized rotating polytropes
(P12) Kohei Onda (Nagoya Univ.)
Energy transport by MHD waves in force-free black hole magnetospheres
(P13) Yasufumi Kojima (Hiroshima Univ.)
Numerical Construction of Pulsar Magnetosphere Models
(P14) Takashi Torii (Osaka Institute of Technology)
Violation of third law of black hole thermodynamics
(Q01) Kouji Ogawa (Osaka City Univ.)
Adiabatic Evolutions of Stationary Rotating Cosmic Strings
(Q02) Atushi Taruya (Univ. of Tokyo)
Polarization analysis of gravitational-wave backgrounds
(Q03) Hisaaki Shinkai (Osaka Institute of Technology)
Constraint Propagation revisited
(Q04) Umpei Miyamoto (Waseda Univ.)
Inhomogeneous charged black branes: a novel stable phase
(Q05) Keisuke Izumi (Kyoto Univ.)
About the ghost in the DGP braneworld model
(Q06) Hiroshi Kozaki (Osaka City Univ.)
Bianchi type I brane in the 5-dim AdS spacetime
(Q07) Masato Minamitsuji (Kyoto Univ.)
Volume stabilization in a warped flux compactification model
(Q08) Takashi Tamaki (Waseda Univ.)
Ambiguity of black hole entropy in loop quantum gravity II
(Q09) Yasunari Kurita (Osaka City Univ.)
Mass, tension and thermodynamics of Kaluza-Klein black holes
(Q10) canceled
(Q11) M. Ayub Faridi (Univ. of Punjab)
Isometric Embeddings of Reissner-Nordstrom Spacetime
(Q12) Alikram Aliev (Feza Gursey Institute)
Properties of Rotating Charged Black Holes in AdS Space